The highest quality texturing for Unity

256 Textures blended in one pass, on terrains or meshes

Product Features

Advanced Shader Generator

60 PBR Texture Sets included

Painting and procedrual texturing toolset for Terrains or Meshes

Extensive Documentation and Tutorials

Quality and Speed

Without compromise

MegaSplat features the highest quality mesh and terrain texturing available for Unity. Combine up to 256 textures using height based blending on a single pass material, all while maintaining a consistent per pixel shader cost no matter how many textures you use.

MegaSplat’s unique shader generation system creates optimized shaders with only the features you need. No more looking for the right combination of features, just select the features you want from an intuitive interface, and it will write the shader for you. MegaSplat comes backed by an unmatched toolset for texturing Meshes and Unity Terrains, managing assets, and converting texturing from Unity Terrains created by hand or in programs like Gaia, World Creator, Terrain Composer 2, or Map Magic.

Compatible with many 3rd party tools

Easily convert from your favorite terrain generator

MegaSplat has an easy conversion process from any tool which outputs a Unity Terrain, such as Gaia, Map Magic, World Creator, or Terrain Composer 2.

Deeper integrations which take advantage of MegaSplat’s unique feature set are on the way.

If you would like a particular integration, please let the author know about MegaSplat