Integrates with the tools you love

Map Magic Integration

Custom Output, directly in Map Magic

No more converting, just work directly with Texture Cluster inside a custom Map Magic output node.

Simple Conversion from any Unity Terrain

Map textures to MegaSplat Texture Clusters

If you have an existing terrain, you can convert it to MegaSplat format with a few clicks. This allows you to easily use tools such as Gaia, Terrain Composer, Map Magic, World Creator, and more with MegaSplat.

See Tutorial

Amplify Shader Editor

Write your own shaders with the MegaSplat technique

When installed together, ASE users can use the MegaSplatSampler node and MegaSplatHeightBlend nodes to roll their own multi-layer MegaSplat shaders with ease. This opens up the door to create all new uses of the MegaSplat technique in an easy to use package.

Terrain Engine

Dynamic Voxel based terrains

Terrain Engine offers a state of the art dynamic terrain engine which uses voxels for terrain generation and dynamic destruction. A built in integration with MegaSplat allows you to get up and running with the highest quality texturing possible, using hundreds of textrues.