Advanced Painting Toolset

Paint meshes, paint terrains,

paint with complex, multi-texture brushes

MegaSplat Brushes

Because painting with one texture is not enough

With so many textures available, paint with ‘Texture Clusters’ instead of single textures. This blends multiple textures together using noise, height, or slope information to prevent any type of tiling from being noticable, giving your surface infinite variation.

Further, use a Blended brush to blend multiple Texture Clusters together to create complex meta-materials with infinite variation.

Like brush previews update as you adjust parameters and paint.

Having so many textures available opens up entirely new techniques and can actually save memory while increasing quality. Using 3 smaller textures in a cluster makes a surface which never shows visible tiling, while saving memory over one larger texture.

Easy Conversion

Convert from Unity Terrains, Map Magic, Gaia, and other terrain systems

Simply select your terrain and map it’s 4-8 textures to MegaSplat Texture Clusters, then press go.

In just a second, you’re terrain will be converted to MegaSplat texturing, using multiple textures for each original texture. Then you can paint on a few hundred more, add some lava flows and rivers, and break free of the old texturing limits.

Texture Arrays

Automatic updating and management

MegaSplat uses Texture Arrays to allow it to work with hundreds of textures at once. MegaSplat includes a toolset for creating texture arrays, and automatically updating them when the source textures change or platforms change.

Every texture array holds a library of ‘Texture Clusters’, which can be easily auto-generated via a texture anming scheme, or manually created.

Paint Information

Flow Direction, puddles, and displacement

Easily paint the direction and strength of flow over a surface and watch the animation change while you paint.

Paint puddles, and watch them fill the cracks of your surface.

Control displacement amounts to create paths through rough surfaces.

On terrains, or meshes, you have the same capabilities.

Vertex Painter Pro

The most advanced Vertex Painting toolset for Unity

The vertex painting toolset also includes tools to bake lighting and ambient occlusion into meshes, paint and visualize the colors and all four UV channels on a mesh, burn texture data or pivot information into vertices for special effects, and more. It rivals or beats any vertex painter available for Unity, and is available as open source for free at GitHub for anyone to use, even without owning MegaSplat.

The Vertex Painter also includes a set of traditional splat map shaders, ways to visualize and debug vertex information, as well as many useful utilities.

Paint jobs are stored in a seperate data structure, so your original mesh never gets edited, and undo is always available.

Terrain Painting

Following in the Vertex Painter’s footsteps

The Terrain Painting toolset folows the same general workflow as the Vertex Painter, so you’ll be at home working on meshes or Unity Terrains.


Brushes and Utilities

The Utility and Brush system are easily extendable, featuring interfaces that make it easy to work with the data. The actual MegaSplat brush plugs into the painting toolset through this interface, as do all of the Utilities included.

Procedural Texturing

At runtime or design time

Runtime procedural techniques can texture your terrain and objects without painting! Or design your own procedural texturing approaches using a shader graph like tool, where everything updates in real time as you work.